By the People, For the People

President’s Word

Everyone's commitment, for everyone


Abdallah Badaa,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Riaya Industries has thrived since 2003 under the visionary guidance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, within the nurturing landscape of Morocco, renowned for its generosity and conviviality.

The core principles of sharing, dedication, daring, and perpetual innovation that defined our genesis persist as our compass, as we continually strive to enhance care for enriching lives. This commitment finds expression through our 100% Moroccan manufacturing, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and pioneering production processes globally.

Morocco resides not just in our operations but deeply within our ethos, reflected in every product we offer, symbolizing our dedication to serving our consumers. Like the Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to its citizens and the global community, Riaya Industries channels the collective efforts of our thousands of employees towards nurturing infants, mothers, seniors, women, and households. Our purpose resonates with the essence of life: extending care, comfort, softness, and tranquility to all.

Crafting optimal care is an intricate industrial, commercial, and marketing endeavor that Riaya Industries diligently undertakes. Within our integrated ecosystem, spanning logistical chains, numerous retail outlets, and research and development specialists, we obsessively prioritize sustainability, safety, quality, and accessibility. Each brand within our portfolio carves its distinctive identity, prioritizing – care being the operative word – enhancing life quality for its audience. Our solemn pledge to consistently deliver the best value proposition significantly fosters social inclusion, particularly through hygiene, across diverse population segments.

Empowered by the unwavering patronage of millions of consumers for our brands, Riaya Industries aspires to expand its footprint to other African and Asian countries, leveraging our two industrial facilities in Senegal and India. This commitment is entrenched in our homeland’s values: embracing global outreach while staying true to our roots. ‘By the people, for the people’ is not just a slogan; it encapsulates the very essence of our mission, reflecting our unwavering dedication to humanity’s service.