By the People, For the People

The Secret of the Radiantes

Developed by the Riaya Industries group in June 2017, Mia is the first 100% Moroccan sanitary napkin brand.
In a market where only 30% of women use sanitary napkins, Mia is committed to democratizing access to intimate feminine hygiene.
The brand is based on the concept “Ser L’Bahiate” (The Secret of the Radiantes), whose secret is well kept ensuring optimal comfort and daily fullness.

Mia Pads

Mia pads provide exceptional menstrual protection and comfort. They come in various variants to meet all needs, from light to heavy flow. Utilizing advanced SAG (Super Absorbent Granules) technology, Mia pads offer superior absorption to prevent leaks and ensure dryness. They are made with soft, breathable materials to minimize irritation and are free from perfume, making them suitable for sensitive skin. With secure fit and adhesive wings, Mia pads stay in place, offering reliable coverage and peace of mind for day and night use.

Mia Panty Liners

Mia Panty Liners offer superior comfort and protection for daily use. Designed to be ultra-thin and breathable, they ensure discreet wear while maintaining high absorbency. The liners are crafted with soft materials to minimize irritation and are shaped to fit securely, providing reliable freshness throughout the day. Ideal for light discharge or as backup protection, Mia panty liners are a perfect choice for maintaining daily hygiene with confidence and ease.