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By the People, For the People

This is how the Riaya Industries saga is enriched, day after day, by new pages co-written together.

Formerly known as Novatis Group, Riaya Industries has dedicated itself since 2003 to perfecting the art of providing exceptional care for everyone, driven by a commitment to innovation. Across all spheres, at every moment, for all demographics and situations, Riaya Industries consistently transforms the dedication of its employees into readily accessible hygiene products, offering unparalleled value.

As a pivotal industrial and logistical force, Riaya Industries relentlessly pursues excellence, crafting high-quality products that seamlessly blend comfort, softness, practicality, and safety to foster the growth, well-being, and peace of communities. Acknowledged as leaders by millions of consumers, Riaya Industries’ brands foster deep and authentic connections with their respective audiences, each standing out in its category.

Mindful of its socio-economic and environmental impact, Riaya Industries is steadfast in its commitment to regeneration and endeavors tirelessly to extend the best care to its home country, the African continent, and globally.

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